Olive Farm Jerebica

nature's symphony

Olive Farming

For more then houndred years we coltive olive and produce high quality olive oil.

Organic production

Olive are produced using organic methods.

Extra virgin olive oil

Olive oil is obtained only with cold extraction method.

Our story

Olive Farm Jerebica

Cultiving olives is our traditional activity, for which we are proud for more than a hundred years. In addition to the young olive trees, our olive plants are also enriched with two hundred years old trees, planted in the hills of Slovenian Istria.
Extra virgin olive oil is the product of our year-round care and effort, which we produce from olives typical of Slovenian Istria and we also have autochthonous varieties, which additionally enrich our oil. Our varieties are autochthonous Istrian Belica, Leccino, which gives the sweet taste of oil, Leccione, Pendolino, Črnica, Štorta, Ascolana, Maurino, Vinjola and many others.
The most sensitive processes in the production of olive oil are picking and crushing olives, which is why we give them extra attention. The desire to maintain healthy and undamaged fruits leads us to harvest olives manually.
The olive oil extraction is carried out using a cold pressed method, which keeps all the natural substances in the oil. Cold pressed means that the olive processing temperatures in extra virgin olive oil do not exceed 27 degrees.
Our oil is in the smell and taste harmoniously, fruitfully, and the said variety is strengthened with a slightly spicy taste. Its use gives a new taste to food, and provides a healthy lifestyle.

Nature's symphony

Our organic products

Blend or Couvee olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil with mixed olive varieties.

Millenium olive oil

Discover the olive oil ancient taste

Our organic garlic

and garlic flowers in May

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Our news

Our last award

Maslina Split 2018 gold medal

Snowy olives

This year our olive trees were surrounded by winter idyll.


On the last day of harvesting, we were accompanied by the sun to the last olive tree